Pre School

  • We extend warm welcome to all our preschool families. Preschool is the first step towards formal education and independence. We truly understand the importance of this first step. Pre school Section Head, Ms Anjum Nazir. is M Phil in Education and is a very strong follower of Maria Montessori, who stated “ At three years a child is already a man..” Therefore, we do not underestimate a child’s innate intelligence and sense of wonder. Together, we, believe that these children must be prepared for the outside world which is fiercely competitive. Here at GAJTSC Preschool, we equip our children with abilities to observe nature, learn from his/her surroundings, play, grow & groom, make friends and feel safe and loved. We believe in the best for every child.


    • Ms Rubina Naeem
      MA (Fine Arts), CLICK (Aff with Cambridge Uni), - 9 Yrs
    • Ms Nusrat Imran
      MA (Pol Science, Diploma in Montessori, B.Ed - 10 Yrs
    • Ms Asma Asim
      BA, B.Ed - 10 Yrs
    • Ms Kausar Raees
      MSc (Psychology), B.Ed - 10 Yrs
    • Ms Nadia Liaqat
      MA (Islamyat), B.Ed-6Yrs
    • Ms Shaiza Akhtar
      BA & Mont Diploma - < 6Yrs
    • Ms Saima Younas
      MA (Edu), Mont Diploma- < 6 Yrs
    • Ms Ambreen Arshad
      MMOT Diploma, B.Ed - < 6 Yrs
    • Ms Sadaf Alam
      MA(Islamyat), B.Ed, MOnt Diploma-< 6 Yrs
    • Ms Nadia Sajjad
      MCS Cptr, Mont Diploma- < 6 Yrs
    • Ms Saima Akram
      BA, B.Ed (Montessori Short Course) - < 5 Yrs
    • Ms Palvasha Hanif
      MA (Art, in Spe Edu), Mont Diploma- < 6 Yrs
    • Ms Ayesha Khadim
      MSc.(Psychology) - < 4Yrs
    • Mr Farha Ishtiaq
      BA - < 5 Yrs
    • Ms Shumaila Ghulam Nabi
      MA Eco, Montessori Diploma - < 3Yrs
    • Ms Anam Ahsen
      MSc (School Mangement), B.Ed-< 3 Yrs
    • Ms Sobia Samreen
      MSc.(Sciology) - < 3Yrs
    • Mr Ayesha Sultana
      MA (Urdu), B.Ed - < 3 Yrs
    • Ms Ayesha Khadim
      MSc.(Psychology) - < 4Yrs
    • Mr Farha Ishtiaq
      BA - < 5 Yrs
    • Mr. Emanual Hussain (Music Teacher)
      Matric-< 7 Yrs