LGES Scholarship Scheme

    1. Lahore Garrison Education System offers quality education from grades Pre-school to XII/A level. As compared to other contemporary education system. LGES maintains a distinct entity by awarding merit scholarship to the high achievers assessed internally through the centralized competitive examinations, in addition to those who are acknowledged through external examinations by FBISE and CIE. However, there is a general concern that the needy and financially challenged students who are otherwise excelling in studies but do not come up to the required criteria for securing academic based merit scholarship are left behind. There is a need to encourage them by instituting awards to build up their self-esteem and motivate them to excel in their studies and even more.
    2. LGES scholarships are awarded in two categories namely:

    a). Merit Awards based only on academic performance.

    b). HAND (Helping Able, Needy and Deserving)

    Scholarships are granted to the students’ right after Final Term Examination of Class V.

    1. The following will be eligible for the consideration of the award of scholarships.

    a). Merit Scholarships: Will be granted to those students in designated classes who excel in academic performance only top 35 students will appear in the exam.

    b). HAND Scholarships: Will be granted to those students who in addition to the required percentage in academic performance fulfill most of the conditions given below:-

    i. Family monthly income (below Rs 20,000)
    ii. Wards of soldiers / Lance Naik (both Serving & Retd.)
    iii. Wards of Shuhada – all cats
    iv. Orphans of LGES employees) in case of in-service death)

    4. The awards will be distributed as per the following percentage of representation of each group fo level –I awards:-
    Group Representation
    Defence 50%
    Civilians 50%