Visit our Library
  • I believe that library is a place where there is so much to see, so much to learn and so many places to visit staying under one roof. I want my students to explore by reading, be a part of enchantment and excitement in the cloud of books all around them.

    — School Librarian
  • Importance of Library in a school environment cannot be denied. The school library was established along with the inauguration of GAJTSC. The library is a model itself in terms of its interior. It can accommodate a class constituting of 35-40 students. It is furnished on modern requirements and presently stocks 4900 books for different age group of students as well as resource books and readers for teachers. The library is equipped with LED as a resource to enhance listening and thinking skills of students through watching documentaries and entertainment.

    Ms. Iqra, who is Masters in Library Sciences takes care of library affairs very well. She plays a very motivating role in developing students love for reading. She is determined to turn the library into one of its kind including digital access to books.