Meet Our Students

    The students of Garrison Academy (Junior) Tufail Shaheed Campus are true patriots. They develop strong positive character through education and training

    1. I will be a true Muslim and a patriot of my beloved country Pakistan.
    2. I will be regular and punctual in terms of my attendance in school and my class works as well as home assignment.
    3. I will always be neatly dressed up.
    4. I will keep myself, my class room and my school clean.
    5. I will remain respectful to my parents, teachers and other elderly people.
    6. I will always respect other’s opinion and personal property at all items.
    7. I will adhere to the principle of truth, honesty and integrity.
    8. I will not steal, lie, cheat neither will I deceive or speak ill of others.
    9. I will take care of my school property.
    10. I have joined school to learn and will leave to serve my nation

  • Students guilty of the following offense are liable to be withdrawn from the GA (Junior) TSC, Nishat Colony, Lahore Cantt.

    1. Stealing and indulging in acts of moral turpitude.
    2. Willfully and deliberately damaging the school property.
    3. Activities which cause dissatisfaction among others.
    4. Rudeness to staff.
    5. Frequent absence from classroom/other academic activities without proper cause.
    6. Violation of school rules.
    7. Smoking / Indulging in drugs.
    8. Bringing cell phones, CDs, record players or radios to the school.
    9. Disfiguring or defacing school property
    10. Lending and borrowing money.
    11. Using unauthorized medicines.
    12. Using unfair means in examination / test.